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Driscoll Update

The 6" & 8" pipeline adjustment projects is at 50% completion.

This project has been approved by TxDOT.

All traffic control plans are secured, public notices were sent out to property owners.

The pipeline project is at 80% completion and shall be completed all construction management by July 31, 2018.


Technical Training Center

Our companies have worked closely for many years, and the JMC Facilities Engineering training and consulting programs are industry standards. Together, we offer the petroleum industry unmatched breadth and depth of technical expertise, which we and our customers apply to developing and assuring the competence of petroleum professionals around the world.


In today’s working environment, continuous learning and professional development are required to stay competitive and abreast of new developments. This is especially so in the field of corrosion, an industry that is based around technology and innovation. Continued education through NACE is an investment in your career that offers many tangible benefits. GES Inc. is partnering with NACE to launch a new career, broaden our area of expertise, or be used as a refresher for any one element of our work in the integrity management field.

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Last Update: January 2022

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